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The Big Bloom

R 870.00

Inspired by the blossoms of fruit trees, vines and brambles found in the valley of Franschhoek.

Nestled among scenic peaks, this ‘French corner' was founded as a refuge for devout freedom-seekers. Its history unfolds on the breezy notes of indigenous shrubs and perfumed blossoms. Lovers escape at sunset for strolls through vineyards lined with roses crimson red, as the juice from the afternoon's grape stomping celebrations.

Nights bring a grand carnival of play, as wine flows, gems outshine stars, and laughter duels with clinking glasses in the fragrant summer night air. The grandest dame of all, adorned with all the deep earths treasures heralds in the evenings mischief and play on plumes of jasmine blossoms, and you’re here, intoxicated with the feverish joy in the hot night air around you.

Scent notes:
Notes of Rose, Jasmine, Cape Snow Bush, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver


Vendor: Maison Gozdava 1590

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