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Paintings Volume II

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Paintings Volume II 2013-2016 continues where Paintings Volume I 2010-2012 left off, providing a catalogue raisonné of all Zander Blom's oil on canvas paintings. The accompanying essay is by Nicola Trezzi, who contemplates Blom's 'bestial modernity' as the artist's desire 'to make works that take modernity to its ultimate state, which is, despite its premises, wild, animalistic, primal and instinctive'. Trezzi also explores the paintings' aura of 'digital craft', the presence of 'stains, cracks, drips', notions of the sample and riff, and the relationship of the paintings to Blom's 'practice at large'. The book has a blue linen cover and features 85 colour plates of selected paintings, 37 colour photographs by Blom showing his studio environment, and thumbnails of all the works. A special edition with original painted covers will be available in February 2017.


Published by Stevenson | 2016
Hardcover, 360 pages | ISBN 978-0-620-73463-9 |


Vendor: Zander Blom

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