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One Night in Positano

R 870.00

Inspired by wild nights along the Amalfi coast, the story of this scent's creation unfolds.
You dance your fingers in the warm dusk air en route to a tiny coastal town in Amalfi. Ancient stones lead the way to limestone-walled streets steeped in the scent of frankincense. You try a little amuse-bouche of sorbetto all’arancia, dusted in perfumed Bergamot. Then it's off along a cliffside to a set of mysterious stairs, met by the sounds of rolling pebbles in the soft waves below. With each step, a faint glowing light grows to reveal a cave filled with extravagant creatures in celebration, beckoning you to join the whimsy. Eventually, dawn announces itself, dissolving the night's spiced delights. With each gently refreshing wave over your skin, you’re left wondering whether it was all just an intoxicating dream.

Scent notes:
Notes of Black Pepper, Blood Orange, Frankincense, Vetiver, Clove and Wormwood.

Vendor: Maison Gozdava 1590

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