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Fools Paradise

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Inspired by the home of Odysseus, an island in the Ionian Sea, the story of this scent's creation unfolds.

As your skin tingles from the midday sun, you find solace in the shade of an ancient olive tree - a gift from the 14th-century Venetians. Amidst this olive grove, the ruins of Odysseus's castle lie, its cyclopean walls standing humbly amidst giant scattered rocks. As you leisurely recline, a gentle breeze from the Ionian Sea below caresses you, accompanied by the rhythmic summer song of cicadas and the merry tinkling of goat bells on the hillside. The scent of wild basil and sweet mint hangs in the air. Through the olive branches, the sea offers a refreshing view and invites contemplation of ancient coins bearing the faces of Odysseus and Athena, once discovered right beneath your very feet.

 Scent notes:

Notes of Wild Basil, Wild Mint, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Spearmint, and Petitgrain.

Vendor: Maison Gozdava 1590

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