Zoom ‘Poivre Noire’ Natural Perfume Oil
Zoom ‘Poivre Noire’ Natural Perfume Oil

‘Poivre Noire’ Natural Perfume Oil

R 620.00
Natural roll on perfume oil with a smokey scent.   

How to use

  • Apply Huile de Parfum to areas not exposed to direct sunlight, such as inside of
    wrists/ elbows, behind ears, and back/ nape of neck. 
  • Roll it on and then dab.
  • Do not rub.
  • The scent will continue to develop and mature after the first use.
  • Try to finish it within 6 months.

Product info

  • Frankinscense, juniper berry, orange, blossom, black pepper
  • Wearing a perfume oil is a much more intimate and slow way of experiencing a perfume.
    Oil-based perfumes have a softer, more natural scent and tend to ‘stick’ to the skin and linger.
  • Small batch 
  • Natural 

Vendor: 1981

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